Sunday, January 2, 2011

FIRE! on 16th & Trenton

While waiting for the next match to start on COD black ops, Brittany looks out the window and notices some strange behavior from some pedestrians across the street. So we step out on to the balcony and see smoke Flowing off the Roof of their house

© Derek Broussard   all rights reserved   © Derek Broussard   all rights reserved

I immediately grabbed my camera and videophone to capture the events. Jumping on my roof I figured I would get an unusual view of the smoke. Shattering can be heard as the heat from the fire shatters the windows.

After making sure I got a solid image from the roof I headed down to the street, For some bystander point of view ( BPOV)
The Fire was out within 15 minutes of the fire dept arriving. So by the time I got down to the street I missed out on the large plumes of smoke, and was left with a measly smoke trail.

Since the smoke had calmed down I used the words "FIRE" to help the viewer out.

Where was the neighbor in all this? On his way home from Idaho. Poor guy, I could imagine the feeling of having a 3 hour commute knowing that your house is burning down!

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