Friday, March 25, 2011

Like a dog chasing his tail

    Last night the plane had a rough landing, we swayed and bounced in the wind. The pilot struggled to stay stable and bring the speeds down. As the wheels hit the tarmac we bounced and lurched forward. Yelps from the passengers sing out in chorus. Except that is, for me. I am too excited for what the future awaits.
    Last week I gave a final presentation on my photography business plan, and while it was well received it was still just a presentation. The moment the wheels touched the ground I was no longer a student, but an artist trying to break my way into the professional world.
   These first couple months are going to be spent getting a feel for the profession on the island, updating my portfolio and creating a promotional packet. However by the next 12 months I expect to be in full swing as a professional photographer.

  My networking graph
 Each circle represents a base in time.  Graphing out the transitions and phases to get to where I want to go with the 4 disciplines of underwater photography I am choosing to follow

Friday, March 18, 2011

$75 speed lights

  Well I just received my YN560 speedlights from amazon.  They look pretty similar to the canon 580 I left at the water fall this quarter.
     I have only briefly tested them, and they did flash. Even when synced to my cowboy studio radio slave.

  looks like only time will tell on how durable these $75 flashes actually are

 Will post some images soon

Monday, March 14, 2011

Throwing water into shapes

Last week I had the oddest cold. Fever and body aches like the flu, But instead of nausea I had the worst cough that would seize up my throat and cause vomiting. Horrible timing too! I ended up missing a week of school two weeks before finals are due, and missed out on a vital week in packing for my move to Oahu.

Still fighting the war with my lingering cold, coupled with disgusting weather I decided to shoot my water in the studio and stay dry.
     Placing a plexi bottom and using one off camera speedlight 45* behind the scene, we started throwing handfuls of water onto the base. Hopefully snapping the shutter right before the water would hit.

The art of throwing water is much more difficult then imagined. Even so I walked away with a few images.

The first being " The Dancer"
water photography, art, water, throwing water, derek broussard

"puppet mater"
water photography, art, water, throwing water, derek broussard

The sprinter
water photography, art, water, throwing water, derek broussard

And a randon blob

Shooting through a plastic aquarium:
water bubbles
Water, derek broussard