Friday, March 18, 2011

$75 speed lights

  Well I just received my YN560 speedlights from amazon.  They look pretty similar to the canon 580 I left at the water fall this quarter.
     I have only briefly tested them, and they did flash. Even when synced to my cowboy studio radio slave.

  looks like only time will tell on how durable these $75 flashes actually are

 Will post some images soon


  1. great, cant wait for you opinion, because i cant afford a 580, but A $75 one looks like a good idea

  2. And now it seems Amazon is out of stock and doesn't know when or if they'll have them back in.. LOL - I guess they are that good..!!

  3. Andrey: I have used them a few times and have been able to get some amazing results with them. IMO they are better then the 580. I would recommend spending the extra $30 and buying a cheap radio slave from YN or cowboy studios.