Monday, January 17, 2011

Back to school, so that means ROAD TRIP! ....?

School started on the 11th for me, and boy is the work load overwhelming! I have two photography that require constant shooting, And with 13 photos due by next week ( 3 of which need to be printed) plus a torrent of rain I needed to come up with a plan.

Bringing up the idea of a road trip, Fellow colleagues Carlos and Mike and my dog Kodi Packed ourselves into the Mini, and headed out in search of the sun.

our plan was to head over to eastern washington. On the way we made a couple stops

to check out horses


and eventually turning around at the petrified forest. where they had me Run up the hill to get some silhouetted images of me on top of the hill. After about ten minutes of running I realized that the hill went far beyond the line of sight from the car. So when I turned around there was no road in sight.

One thing that was pretty cool was that the sun was at a chronic sunset,

here is Carlos waiting for a car to drive by

The next day I set off to " duck cove" to see if I can get some " under the duck" shots.

As soon as my fins touched the water all of the 200 ducks Flew away, about two hours of me hanging out in the cove one duck returned. I gently let him warm up to my presence and was able to get a few shots and watch him dive and hunt for food.