Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A new QTR, a new life.....

Contemplated on whether or not I should write about this in my blog or not. Wondered if this was too personal or appropriate, maybe my blog is just about posting Epic pictures. But Since I want to be able to recall my journey as photographer and of my life then I think this blog should be a journal as a whole.
Yesterday at 5:28 pm, Brittany got on a plane back to Oahu, This time not just for the holidays, but for good.

With her footsteps onto the plane echoing the loss of a GREAT friend, my photo assistant, and Lover whom I was certain life had sent me to be with for life.

The echos of these footprints sent a dark cloud of locust over my soul, as I read the text of her boarding all hope of a movie ending where slashed, Instead I felt the locust devouring my joy, my hope, my desires for life. What was left was a hollow bag of bones.

As I am left with a siberian to take care of, I feel its a requirement for him to have exercise before I leave for my 13-14 hour day at school. So this means that this qtr, my day starts at 4 am. My night was sleepless, I remember checking my clock at 1205 before I fell asleep. During the night in my sleep I ran my hands down an empty bed, Which woke me up, The time: 2:13 am.

In 5 minutes I will run to the ferry to start my daily commute of the winter session, and honestly I am worried about where it will take me.


  1. Dererk....I'm sorry that this chapter had to come to a close in your life, but a new and exciting one is opening and you are beginning to read it. Those dark clouds I hope will soon lift to reveal a silver lining for you.


  2. and i just realized that i cant spell... I didnt meant to spell your name wrong...

  3. Though the consolation may be extremely small, you have a friend in me, and I'm sure a few others who care about you and where life leads you. I may be off my mark in so stating that Brittany was not at all happy here and she most likely felt that her going back to Hawaii was the best for her, though not necessarily for you.

    I think this has the potential to be a great start to a new chapter in your life. A phoenix never wallows in its ashes for long...