Saturday, September 25, 2010



Yawwnnn.. What a boring morning. It's a good thing that I have a jungle in my backyard. A micro jungle that is.

Spiders are everywhere! Fat from the flyfull summer they make a photographers dream, Beautiful lines, colors and they stay still. Great for a macro studio.

I wanted to get a silhouette of the spider, legs sprawled out. like a halloween decoration. So I set white construction paper up behind the web, Flash behind the paper. I ended up getting a dark shadow line across the image. I then decided to put the flash closer to the web. (paper was hanging from the bushes and too far away).

After fiddling with the settings I discovered... and this is direct quote from my field notes

" 1/50 25 backlighted at 15deg angle at 1/1..... slightly blown out. Increased shutter to 1/320 and F down to 22 image 4614 final"

After I was satisfied with the highlighted images I went back to the white board


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