Friday, September 3, 2010

Aug update

  Well its been a little too long.

   Since my last update I ended up moving back to washington, signed up for photography school.  I also have been diving, and running a lot.

 Washington waters are completely different then anything im use too. Visibility ranges from 2' to 30' but tends to stay around 8'. 40' tends to feel like 200 feet due to the darkness.   Because of this I am still learning the ways of " cold water photography"

    A strobe is a must!  But takes some time to learn, I'm constantly moving the strobes, adjusting the power and changing the settings on the camera.  Doing all this on a breathhold can be tiresome. But with creative lighting the results can be well worth it as I found out with this image.

  1/125, F/13 Iso 100

  The High shutter speed coupled with the small aperture  Darkens the background and only illuminates where the strobes hit.   I found this works the best in the Mid to high water column. I havn't figured out how to get it to work on the ground yet.

    Since the visibility is so junk most of the time. I figured it would be a good Idea to get a macro port.

 I sooned realized that Macro + freedive = SUCK
  On land macro needs supreme stability.  a fraction of an inch of movement will blur your photo.  In water there is  the constant sway the water. I tried my hardest to time the sway  but out off 100 photos only 9 where in focus.
    I also couldn't figure out the trick with aiming the strobes.


  I doubt I will be doing much macro except for special occasions and when required or applicable by school assignments.

   On the physical side of things. My knee is improving but still causes my problems.  I was able to get a 6 mile run in. But the next day I was nearly immobile.  I think most of the pain can be relieved by making sure i'm stretching through out the day, and doing more strength training on the quads.

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