Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Taxed by the ocean (25 days and still working on this strobe thing)

Foam dances atop a wave breaking at sunset

Thursday, I got taxed by the ocean, due to the error of not properly securing my gear.
Trying to swim back with my camera gear in both hands and no fins was not a fun game, and almost ended very badly for me. "Luckily" for me, an 8 foot face wave picked me up and threw me over the falls. As I braced myself for impact, my hand let go of the strobe. Once the turbulence of the incoming wave faded I popped my head out of the water as I gasped for air. In front of me was my strobe floating among the sea foam being dragged out to sea as another larger wave threatened to break. I made my decision and dove after the strobe. Reaching it just in time.
The euphoria of having it back in my grasp was short lived, as the oncoming wave pounded me. Again, My strobe was ripped from my fingertips. This time I was sucked back out as more waves pounded the shore. My strobe no where to be seen.

A few other images I've taken since my last post.

A wave breaks during sunset on a Hawaiian beach

Wave, sunset, and mountains.

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