Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Surf strobe: test number two

Yesterday I learned why it's important to read the owners manual. I kept firing off the strobe, but it wouldn't fill in any light. After an hour in an out of the water, multiple time removing the cords and dome port I couldn't figure it out.
Checking the fiber optic cable for flaws  "I see the light"

And then, after one switch of the nob the strobe goes from not outputting any power to full blast!  Too bad I realized 10 minutes too late, and missed out on the epic sunset.

Shots Test 2:

Best of yesterday

Surf and a deep purple sky

Strobe fired way too hot.

surf completely frozen by the strobe.  I love the way water looks when strobed

Obviously, these aren't Jaw dropping images. But I am pleased at the direction I'm moving in, and can't wait till my next sunset in the surf. 

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