Saturday, December 18, 2010

End of 1ST qtr

My first 11 weeks of school have come to an end. Since most of my first qtr classes where general education I am only going to go into detail with my Principles of photography ( pho101) class.

Class started off with lighting. We learned how lighting effects composition and the overall flattery of the image. This was the first week of school and I honestly didn't take the time into this assignment like I should have. Mr. Ramey set a lot of restriction for the shoot and I took that as don't try so hard... When we reviewed the images the next week I could see how wrong I was as my images were by far the worst in the class.

lighting: frontal

Lighting: Side lighting

lighting: Diffused light ( overcast day)

Next weeks assignment was on focal length. We learned that long lenses will "compress" an image bringing the background close in to the subject. while wide angle lens will stretch everything out.
Feeling like I have a little more to prove after the 1st week I went to the skate park with a mission.
Wide angle- far

Wide angle close

Mr Ramey really liked this one. He even had me print it out for my Final print>

The next couple weeks went fairly smoothly

Depth of field- I was giving a special instruction to use Jacks

Movement- There are a couple ways to show movement in a photo.. You can freeze it with fast shutter speed, you can blur the movement , or you can pan the movement.

I had just bought the xbox kinect, what better to illustrate movement then the kinect where my body is the controller.


The weather did not permit stop action outside. So I used an old photo that I took when I was still living in hawaii


Color will alter how your viewer will subconsciously view the image. Warm colors for heat and action and cool colors for cold and relaxation. You wouldn't want to use cool, blue colors for hot coco, or warm orange colors for fish at a market.
B&w for power and dynamics,
Complementary an triadic color patterns add interest to to viewers eye.

Chromatic 5 colors or more


Achromatic ( void of color)
Willow tree

People was are last assignment before our two final projects.
I wanted to do underwater portraits for this assignment which turned out to be an epic failed this one and forgot to focus all my images.

we needed 8 -12 photos that told a simple story with enganging photos, so I chose gymnastics

Over all the class was challenging, even with my previous photography experiance it was a challenge completing 4-8 photos a week for the assignment. I learned a great deal. mostly basics that I skipped over when I was starting out.

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  1. That was a cool post. I need to do something along the same lines. I've been sorting through all the shots I've taken this past quarter and there are some really cool ones, and some - like you said - epic fails as far as getting them right for the assignment. I noticed (and brought up in the final chat session we had in our last class of the quarter) that we were sometimes expected to use 'tools' we weren't given in class to begin with. That taught me a lot about what sort of 'envelope' in which we were placed. I can assure you that the next time we get together for classes, the gloves are off.
    I'd like to get with you and whoever else wants to be a part of a collective that helps each other out as far as getting assignments done well and with meaning. (More on that stuff as time goes on)
    Thanks for posting your shots! I'm chomping at the bit for next quarter to start. I was never much of a holidays person... :-/