Wednesday, July 21, 2010

MCL update 8 weeks

I was told at 8 weeks I could start running again. naively I thought this would mean I can get up and go. I mean sure I would be a little sore. But for the most part i've been working out enough where any atrophie was mild.
Yesterday I had my appointment to see the Physical Therapist, After checking out the knee he had me hop on treadmill

First a walk : No problem here a fast walk at 3.5 MPH and my knee has no problem holding up

then a slow jog: 6mph and im feeling ok. Granted this is like a 12-13min mile it still feels good to be moving.

bring it up a little: not hesitant I bring it up to 8mph. Instantly my knee starts to hurt right under the knee cap on my medial side. THe pain only happens when I land and I would rate it a 4/10.

After .69 miles and being way too out of breath, the physical therapist stops me on the treadmill and informs me that he wants me to take a day off to recover in between running days and by the time he sees me next week to have worked up to 3 miles. At the time I took this as a small challenge.

When I woke up this morning I'm really not to sure. I can barely walk and my hamstring and dorsal side of my knee is pain reminiscent of 3 week post injury. I'm really not happy about this and it seems I hit my first real snag in my recovery. Im not sure if just that my Meniscus just takes longer to heal due to the constant use. Or if it did not heal properly. Whatever the case is I don't have a good feeling about it and I'm saddened by the thought that I'm going to take even longer to heal.

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  1. These things happen... Every recovery is plagued by momentary set backs. I know you will be back and running in no time!