Saturday, July 17, 2010

FRC dives to 75 feet.

Yesterday after much debating and compromising Paul and I agreed to dive The barges. These barges are a series of Artificial reefs spread a couple miles through out the area. Sometimes it can be hit or miss. The wildlife will bounce from wreck to wreck to z block ect. The winds and current can rip, So its always a gamble.
I jumped in the water first only to be pulled hard by a current. Struggling I tied up the pwc to the mooring and put on my fins. Did a couple of warm up pull downs and then realized I forgot my weight belt.
A 5mm wet suit is very buoyant. To balance out the buoyancy I decided to dive the day on exhales.
I've done most of my static training on exhales so I feel like I was trained enough to attempt it. The first couple dives I was greeted by the depth pressing against my chest. With little air in my lungs It was a challenge to equalize. Within a couple dives I learned that I needed to "grouper call" any remaining air in my lungs up to my mouth and then equalize that way. This is often referd to as reverse packing. My dive times seemed to be comparable to my full lung dives.
Midway through our day I noticed A boat slowly heading in our direction. I attempted to wave to Paul and get his attention but to no use as his attention was else where. I look up again and see the boat heading straight towards him. I decided I shouldnt risk the chance that he will look up and swim hard over to him. Seeing my swim hard and thinking I thought he Blacked out he flashes the ok sign. I start signing there is a boat behind him.
We both stuck our head out the water to see that the boat is still heading straight to us, and his Pwc. The boat was trolling at around 20mph and was easily dodge by Us since we knew it was there. The driver was too engaged with a conversation to pay attention to driving and had the boat on auto drive. When he was about 2 ft away from Paul ( side ways) I yelled out. Thats when the passenger and driver spotted us. Poor old man looked like he was going to pull towards land and sell his boat on the spot. I figured it was pointless trying to yell at him any further and I hope he learned his lesson.
Along with some monster mu, whitetip reef shark and eagle rays, we had four GIGANTO turtles come right up to us to check us out and play. When We dove they would circle us and dive. When we were breathing up they would nearly rub their shells on our backs.

Over all a great dive.

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