Saturday, June 12, 2010

My first real injury

THis actually happened three weeks ago. I was having a below average practice, and just putting skillz from the past month together. Even that was a a little difficult. My favorite trampoline is the one closest to the tumble track. Its soft with a forgiven recoil. I ended up throwing two half outs to full ins, but for some reason didn't get it on video. I wish I would have. In hindsight it was my hardest combo I would be doing for 6 months.
There are a couple elders that come in to flip every Tue & Thu. Usually they flip ( very well) for 30 min or so and then strap into the bungee. Since they are all well over 70 I respectfully moved over to the yellow tramp.
Every trampoline has its own character. This trampoline has a slight wobble that makes staying in the center hard. The bed is rigid, making you work a little for height but once there it keeps it well. The good side of this tramp is that I can attach my camera on the spotter belt and hang it above the trampoline for some "ever head" shots. When I'm on my game and have the camera on I love this tramp. Other days the wobble throws me off and it sucks. Thursday it was my enemy.
I was working on just the basic double to double. And then for some odd reason I decide to throw a super high timer. I like to do timers for fun Its almost like your flying when you hit your back you bounce up and everything is cool. I threw it WAY too high tho and started rotating to much over.. Sensing & seeing I was heading straight to my head and neck I made the decision to rotate it around. This should have been no problem I've landed on my knees a million gazilion times. But the stars where aligned and I twisted just right and the trampoline rebounded like it normally does and my knee popped out place, tearing my MCL and meniscus in the process.

Here is the video

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