Friday, June 25, 2010

exhale static

I Exhale my air like a a seal and sink to the bottom of the pool,
Completely relaxed I let the water surround my conscience,
I become one with the water.
and the world fades from existence...

Slowly the co2 rises in my system
my diaphragm start to flicker...
slowly but surely the flutters become stronger
and are born into full on contractions.
It feels like a giant is punching my stomach,
I try to relax and close my mind from my body.
A hot electric feeling is building up in my groin
in a few seconds it spreads like lightening throughout my body...
I can bear it no more!
slowly I turn around and head towards the surface.
back into the land of air I am careful not to take a big gulp.
Instead I sip on the air and hold it for a split second,
like I am enjoying hot cider on a cold christmas day.
euphoria washes over my body and the pain is forgotten.

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