Saturday, May 7, 2011

A beach to myself on a stormy friday morning

Friday morning started off with me heading to KillerTacos to view my first commercial print, a 24"x36" canvas wrap. It was printed from Bayphotos and looks Amazing!
Print Displayed at Killertacos, North shore Oahu

 After my visit to Killertacos, I headed to the north shore shore break made famous by Clark Little, Ke Iki beach. It was a stormy weekday morning and the beach was completely empty. A good thing for me; I needed some alone time to refresh my ability to be comfortable in surf and an empty beach would spare me the embarrassment of others seeing. 

"Strike the sea with your rod." So it divided, and each separate part became like the huge, firm mass of a mountain.
A look up reveals a ceiling of water 

 My surf housing is brand new. At only two weeks old, I am still trying to work out the kinks. Such as the following image.  To control the aperture and shutter speed, Spinning dials are used. If the dials are pressed down, then it is possible for the surf to spin the dials and change the setting. This is what happend to the following image ( sadly probably the best of the day).

Image strait from camera, f/18 1/1000 iso 400

Shore break on a stormy Northshore day 
Luckily I was able to save the image in post op. I doubt I will use the image for anything other then showing you guys how my Friday went.



  1. poster is rad!

    where were you in last swell shot?? .. totally reminds me of sandy

  2. Yah, I was flopping around inside the surf. Its super fun, but getting amazing shots is pretty difficult, trying to compose, and worry about getting flogged by the wave.

  3. Beautiful images, Derek - great captures, even under the circumstances. I know you'll have better photos, ones that you like, in the near future! Way to get back into the water, on a day that looks like it'll eat you up and spit you back out mangled!! LOL!!

  4. Hi, just found your blog and I must say these shots are truly amazing...and beautiful! The crystal clear turquoise capture nature in its true form without any photoshop to enhance...priceless! right?! Love the texture and the little light that illuminates through. Could you please post more from this day/session? Would appreciate to see more that came from this moment! Thank you!

  5. Thank you for such kind words! I wish I had more images to post from this day, But It was my first time in the surf after a couple years, along with a new camera, so my images were sparse.
    However! More surf time is in the immediate future so stay tuned for more surf shots!