Monday, April 25, 2011

Review Yn560 & assignment black on black

 I while back I posted about a great find: speedlights similar to the canon 580ex, but at a price under $100. Being a photography student and in the need for multiple lights I purchased a few.

     I have now had a couple chances to test theses litte guys out, both indoors and outdoors and I am VERY impressed.

    Advance lighting assignment ( no I am no longer enrolled at AIS, but that doesn't stop the homework!) :
 Black on black

   I set up a studio in my bedroom,

      A bed sheet is used for my background. I used one Yn560 attached to the tv for my main light, at full power, and flagged with a square piece of foam. Reflectors where then placed strategically around the Carbonio fins to highlight as needed. I noticed the bottom was having problems being lit, so I added a second Yn560 set to low power, as a key light on the floor.


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